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Early Childhood Development: The Best is YET to Come

As a Speech-Language Pathologist, parents frequently ask if what their child is saying or doing is normal. Well, that's the first problem- what is "normal" and who is this powerful person who gets to decide? My initial response to anyone who asks me this common question is , "I cannot tell you what normal is, but I can tell you what is age-appropriate and typical."

We just lived through 2020, how could the word, "normal" still exist in our vocabulary? We have to make a change.

It is so important that we alter our thinking going into the new year. What would happen if instead of saying, "My 12-month old doesn't speak", we inserted the word "yet"? I'll tell you exactly what happens- learning to use this 3 letter word in your vocabulary will shift your mindset entirely. You'll stop thinking in terms of normalcy, and more in terms of growth and potential. You'll begin to understand and accept that some of your baby's milestones are going to come quickly and easily, while others will take time and effort.

There is so much power behind the word, "yet." This word allows us to focus more on the present, since we cannot predict the future (or at least I can't...yet). See what I did there?

Join me in my new year's resolution to make the cognitive switch to "yet." May this year bring health and happiness to all of my amazing followers.

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